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Giving back to Nature

2 Nov , 2018  

While watching a television program featuring Ray Mears about North America, he highlighted an Indigenous American custom, of “giving back”. When you take a resource from the land, you should only take what you need, never more, and always give something back to thank the land for its bounty.

The First Nation people recognised that we are the guardians of the land. Valuing the Earth and all its bounty is paramount to our very survival. Without giving back, those resources we depend on could run out, and there will be nothing left for our children and grandchildren. Valuing the Earth and all its bounty is paramount to our very survival.

There is a complex lifecycle that needs to be appreciated and understood by humans. A for instance, how many people know that fungi are the basis of our food chain. Without them, we would not get enough food to eat. Our planet can rejuvenate, but only with our help. We need to manage resources carefully and considerately.

We are fortunate to live in an area that provides us with a supply of fruit and fungi. It is so simple; we never take more than we can eat. We always leave something for the wood providing food for other animals and resources to regenerate itself.

By making some simple changes to our thinking and the way we live, we can preserve this beautiful planet we call home.

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