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Platypod Pro Review

16 Jan , 2017  

Platypod Pro

It’s not often we buy more gear. The reason, it only makes your camera bag heavier. Especially as you get older and walking, up hills, weight becomes an important issue. At one time, a bit of kit would get in the bag, if we thought it would be useful. Now each bit of kit, new […]

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Kahtoola MICROspikes review

9 Jan , 2017  

Kahtoola MICROspikes

Disclaimer This is not a guide to winter walking in the hills. Winter hill walking is full of dangers; the risks should be understood and not taken lightly. Every year people die out on the hills of Britain. If you know nothing about winter hill walking, get advice before venturing out. Don’t put your life […]

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Have you done your backup today?

24 Apr , 2016  

Seagate HDD

Remember the days when photographs were paper, coated with a thin layer of silver and coloured pigment? I can still open an album; look at pictures of my grandparents taken 100 years ago. All without the need to switch on a computer fire up a bit of software. All you need to protect these is […]

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Which camera

1 Dec , 2015  

Picture of the top plate of a camera

We were asked the other day, I am thinking of buying a posh camera for my girlfriend, which camera should I buy? It’s a question we get asked a lot, especially around Christmas time. The second add on question is what make Nikon or Canon? Having been asked so many times, we decided to write […]

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Gitzo Explorer GT2541EX

25 Nov , 2015  

Picture of tripod

When we had to switch to new blog software we had to lose our old content, it was the price we had to pay to be able to blog again. Well we have review what was popular on the old blog and found that our review of the Gitzo Explorer GT2541EX was a very popular […]

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Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

3 Nov , 2015  

Lightroom interface

When Adobe announced Lightroom for Mobile we got excited. Well perhaps excited is too strong a word, but we did think, Lightroom Mobile would be a good thing for our business. Our trips can last a week or two so it would be good to be able to do a bit of file sorting and […]