Red Squirrel on a tree


Three years on …

16 Aug , 2019  

Where have three years gone! We recently celebrated our third anniversary of moving to the highlands of Scotland. Not only did we relocate our business, but our home too. Along the way we’ve had, like most people, highs and lows, that’s life.

Question – was it the right thing to do? That’s the question. Who knows, we may never know. But, we’re having a blast, thoroughly enjoying the adventure.

Days are filled with abundant flora and fauna. Waking to the sound of beautiful bird song or not if the blue tits are trying to find a tasty bug in the gutter, right outside the bedroom window. Daily visitors include badgers, red squirrels, pine martens and a variety of birdlife.

Wildlife surrounds us, and we have the privilege, and I say privilege, to be able to watch and be part of these animals’ lives. We have gotten to know individuals, seen them grow and develop.

What’s coming up? We continue our squirrel, badger and pine marten photographic projects – always entertaining, very taxing, sometimes, but we do love photographing them. With the nights drawing in, autumn will soon be here. Time to get into the Glens for the deer rut, also, this year we’re heading to Perthshire to catch the glorious autumnal colours.

We’re about to launch a new website, designed and written by us. Get in touch; we’d love to help you, whether its photography, how to use pictures or help with a design project. Let’s have a chat.

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