Why we love photographing nature

15 Sep , 2020  

Elephant and calf

When we started our business, I don’t think we said to one another; “ok, what type of photography are we going to specialise in?” It was a natural progression of what we already loved; being outdoors and experiencing all that the world around us has to offer. We feel very privileged to be able to […]

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Setting up a desktop studio

2 Apr , 2020  

Lichen Evernia prunastr looks like stags horns

Ever since we started, we’ve taken product pictures and macro shots using a studio. Perhaps studio is too grand a title, for the assortment of locations around the house, we’ve used over the years. The one thing they all had in common was they were temporary and got in the way when you wanted to […]


How our climate changes

13 Mar , 2020  

Coal tit Periparus ater looking at tree trunk

In fields, moorland, meadows, and woodland; the climate effect is being felt. Our small area of land has had significant changes over the last three years. We write a journal about the flora and fauna we see and hear and the weather; from this, we notice significant changes. February was very wet, like most parts […]


Life lessons from Nature

16 Dec , 2019  

Badger walking in a garden

There are life lessons we can learn from the natural world. Never giving up, no matter what adversity you are faced with there is always a way. This simple story from nature is a lesson to us all with far-reaching effects. One of this year’s badger cubs suffered a leg injury, how we don’t know, […]


Three years on …

16 Aug , 2019  

Red Squirrel on a tree

Where have three years gone! We recently celebrated our third anniversary of moving to the highlands of Scotland. Not only did we relocate our business, but our home too. Along the way we’ve had, like most people, highs and lows, that’s life. Question – was it the right thing to do? That’s the question. Who […]

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What is the Impact of visiting the countryside?

17 Jun , 2019  

picture of a path and gate on a nature reserve

Many of us like to visit the countryside, getting out into the fresh air and recharging our energies. However, do we consider the impact we are having? Think carefully about the area you are going to visit. Question yourself and those with you about how you are going to behave and what activity you are […]

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The Badgers are back

28 Feb , 2019  

Badger walking in garden

Well, they never really went away, just that they were visiting after we had gone to bed in the wee small hours of the morning. As the days are getting longer, they are starting to come in at a more reasonable hour. However, making the alarm go off just as you’re about to sit down […]


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19 Feb , 2019  

Carn Leitir Coire Challich with a covering of snow, in Strathdearn Findhorn Valley

There is quite a bit of momentum over rewilding in the UK at present. For the uninitiated rewilding is and I quote from Wikipedia “Rewilding is large-scale conservation aimed at restoring and protecting natural processes and core wilderness areas, providing connectivity between such areas, and protecting or reintroducing apex predators and keystone species.” Also, from […]

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Winter in the countryside

14 Dec , 2018  

Large flock of Common Starlings flying together

Forget the thought that runs through your head; it’s winter. Its cold out there why should I go out when the heating is on, and it’s nice and cosy in here. Get out and look around you may just be surprised what you can see and photograph. Winter is a great time for photographing and […]

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What is it that you do?

12 Sep , 2018  

Alert male Badger

To do what we do, photographing wild animals. It’s essential to have at least a working understanding of the animal you’re trying to photograph. You adapt your field craft skills, to hopefully, outwit your subject. That is why we spend so much time reading about and observing animals in the wild. One of the animals […]