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Winter in the countryside

14 Dec , 2018  

Large flock of Common Starlings flying together

Forget the thought that runs through your head; it’s winter. Its cold out there why should I go out when the heating is on, and it’s nice and cosy in here. Get out and look around you may just be surprised what you can see and photograph. Winter is a great time for photographing and […]

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Swan Upping

30 Jun , 2016  

Swan upping on the Thames

The third week of July will see the 800 year old tradition of Swan Upping continuing along the Thames from Sunbury to Abingdon. Its rituals and traditions arise from when the Crown laid claim to ownership of all mute swans found on open water. Although technically all mute swans are still owned by the Crown […]


Loch Beinn

12 Dec , 2015  

Landscape of Loch Beinn

We introduce ourselves as storytellers, using pictures instead of words to tell stories of the natural world. We’re often asked why we went to a certain location to photograph. Sometimes it’s because we want to tell a particular story about an animal or place. But at other times you go to a new location, to […]

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