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Why we love photographing nature

15 Sep , 2020  

When we started our business, I don’t think we said to one another; “ok, what type of photography are we going to specialise in?” It was a natural progression of what we already loved; being outdoors and experiencing all that the world around us has to offer. We feel very privileged to be able to spend our days bringing people stories of the world around us through our photography. It’s a partnership between us, in life and business.

From an early age, we were both encouraged by parents and grandparents to go out and explore. To find out new things and new experiences, come to think of it it’s a bit like Star Trek, for those who remember. We searched out things, finding life forms and boldly went where no-one had gone before.

The photography thing came later. It’s all about capturing moments in time never to be repeated.

Fieldcraft is one of the most valuable skills in our area of photography, and we spend a lot of time watching wildlife, reading books and learning about each species. Understanding your subject matter, having a good idea of where they will be and what they are going to do is important. When photographing wildlife, we follow a code of conduct and ethics. We would rather walk away and not take a picture than disturb the subject and affect their natural behaviour. Be that, plant, bird, mammal, insect, fungi, etc.

Having said the above, it sounds like a lot of work, yes it is. But we love what we do, and that includes the research. You learn so much, and your knowledge is organic – it grows all the time.

Do we plan? Yes, we do. Throughout the year, there are better times for photographing certain species. But added to that, you never know what will happen. It is that bit of not knowing; I still, after 15 years get that excited feeling in my tummy when we go out. The same feeling you had when you were a kid and excited about the day ahead and what you will see and find.

Do we take holidays, not really. We might take the odd day off for birthdays and our wedding anniversary. But that is because we love our job and have been truly kidnapped by nature.

Here is a link to our code of conduct and ethics.


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