Badger walking in a garden


Life lessons from Nature

16 Dec , 2019  

There are life lessons we can learn from the natural world. Never giving up, no matter what adversity you are faced with there is always a way.

This simple story from nature is a lesson to us all with far-reaching effects.

One of this year’s badger cubs suffered a leg injury, how we don’t know, but one evening Saba (as we named her) was not well at all, hardly able to move limping on three legs. For the next three months, we didn’t see very much of her, just on the odd occasion.

Suddenly, to our delight, she appeared one evening, still limping, but not as severely. A bit on the thin side for a badger coming into winter; they usually put on a good deal of fat to help them through the colder months. But, never the less she had managed to feed herself and get about.

Saba, through guile and ingenuity, had got food, put on some weight and survived. When faced with another badger after the same food, she just pushed it out of the away despite the other badger being twice her size. When it tried again, Saba just turned her bottom towards the other badger, protecting the food.

Saba is the smallest out of a clan of about six, but she certainly punches above her size and weight.

We Homo sapiens can learn a lot from our fellow mammals. We think their world is different from ours, but it’s not, and there are many similarities. The lesson here; strive for the best; never give up no matter your size, age, or physical ability.


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