Coal tit Periparus ater looking at tree trunk


How our climate changes

13 Mar , 2020  

In fields, moorland, meadows, and woodland; the climate effect is being felt. Our small area of land has had significant changes over the last three years. We write a journal about the flora and fauna we see and hear and the weather; from this, we notice significant changes.

February was very wet, like most parts of the UK. Our Rainfall was 246 mm, compared to 52mm for February 2019. All that water has to go somewhere. Many areas flooded and we had a large amount of water running down our track; something our neighbours and we had not seen before.

Although water can be a life-giver; large amounts falling in a short amount of time washes away nutrients in the soil. This has a knock-on effect on our ecosystem. From the smallest living creatures to big land mammals, so much rain is not good. Food becomes more challenging to find, a significant impact on their very way of life

Looking at our records this time last year, the badgers were making one or two visits, per evening. This year they have been making up to eleven visits in one evening. We have not seen a red squirrel for over a month, compared to last year when we were photographing and seeing them daily.

How will wildlife fare over the coming year? Will the bird breeding season be effected? Bugs and beetles have washed away, so there may not be much to eat, for birds getting ready to breed or when youngsters arrive.

In our small area these changes may not seem significant, but multiply our small patch, and you have a substantial impact on our flora and fauna.


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