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Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.3 or 6.3 now available

20 Nov , 2015  

Adobe announces the release of a new version of Lightroom. This release has a revised version of the import dialogue box which was changed in the previous version. Causing many users to complain to Adobe about the removal of featured that had been relied on for their workflow.

As always, Adobe have taken the opportunity to add support for new cameras and a set of new lens profiles have been added. One issue that seems not be have been fixed is tethering Nikons on systems running Macs OS X El Capitan. We don’t have any personal experience with this, so if you are reliant on this feature check before upgrading.

If your copy of Lightroom is mission critical, our advice is to upgrade on another machine before putting your business at risk. Make sure you can still work before upgrading.

For more information read the Adobe blog


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