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12 Jan , 2016  

There are many organisations dedicated to looking after our flora and fauna for the enjoyment of us all. We all enjoy wildlife and nature in some way and we are guardians of the countryside for future generations. There are many ways to help these organisations, from volunteering to collecting data about the population and health of our wildlife and this is where you can help.

When you are taking a walk, it doesn’t matter where. Write down what you see and its location, from a wiggly worm to a bird flying high in the sky. Don’t forget to jot down where you saw it. Every time you record what you have seen, it goes to helping an organisation look at the big picture, build up a model of how species and habitats are doing, enabling them to look after them.

Once you’ve got your sightings, there are many ways to record them. Lots of organisations from local to national, have facilities for you to log your sightings. Just check that the one you choose is linked to the National Biodiversity Network, NBN. As The NBN is a collaborative project, which involves many of the UK’s wildlife conservation organisations, the government, country and environmental agencies, local records centres and also many voluntary groups. More details on the NBN can be found at their website http://www.nbn.org.uk/ Your sightings will therefore have the greatest impact on helping wildlife.

There is a generic easy to use recording service that is linked directly to The NBH, called iRecord. You create your own free log-in to iRecord and use it for all your sightings. If you have a smart phone, there are many individual apps available to help record your wildlife and nature sightings.


So come on, our countryside needs you! Record as much of what you see; as you can. It can even be on that weekly shopping trip. All information is good information, especially when it goes to helping saving this beauty and majestic land.

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