Female Blackbird Tardus merula

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The lost art of stopping and staring

10 Mar , 2016  

Taking a walk the other day, I stopped to watch a female blackbird digging for worms. I was struck by her ingenuity at getting a meal for herself, perhaps preparing for a future brood.

It made me think. Sometimes we fail to look at the common flora and fauna we see every day, like the blackbird. Take a closer look, watch their behaviour and admire their unique skills and talents.

The female blackbird I was watching did not have spectacularly coloured feathers, rather a drab black-brown look. But I thought about it, how superbly camouflaged she would be sitting on her nest amongst the trees she would not be seen easily. And her dexterity, the way she used her beak to get at the worms, a marvel of evolution.

As photographers, we are lucky. Our job is to watch and observe, learning all we can about the world around us. Bringing the stories we see, to life through our photography.

When we give a talk about wildlife, we tell our story. It is also a fascinating opportunity for us to hear other peoples’ stories. Many times audience members will have seen a picture that sparks a memory, of a wildlife encounter they have had. For us this is one of the pleasures of giving a talk. In many cases, it’s an opportunity to learn something new.

Share your stories too. Be it about the blackbird in the garden or the Kingfisher on the river. Take a picture to help tell your story. Most of us carry a phone that can take a picture. Don’t be shy use it; encourage others to stop and stare.

Female Blackbird Tardus merula

Female Blackbird Turdus merula

If you read our previous blog about World Wildlife Day and if you didn’t here it is, http://www.mandjbloomfield.com/blog/2016/02/22/3-march-2016-world-wildlife-day-the-future-of-wildlife-is-in-our-hands/ You will understand that unless we all come together to help protect our natural world, there will be nothing for future generations to enjoy.

By telling stories and spreading the word about how wonderful, beautiful, and intriguing the natural world is we stand a chance of preserving it. We must take action to preserve, the little we have left.

Get out there, take pictures, observe, and tell your stories.

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