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World Elephant day

11 Aug , 2016  

The glorious 12th refers to the 12th August when the grouse season opens here in the UK. Grouse for the initiated are small game birds which live on heather moorlands. But, the 12th August is also an important day worldwide as it is “World Elephant Day”. Why have a day devoted to the Elephant? One; because they are wonderful animals, two; the need to raise awareness, of the plight of Elephants in the wild.

Today you can still go to Africa and see Elephants roaming wild. For how much longer that is true is why we should all be concerned about Elephants. The pressure on Elephant number is due to the poaching which is taking place throughout Africa. Elephant tusks are worth a small fortune, when it is carved.

Many countries in the world, still import ivory including China and the UK. Evan though the trade is in theory banned by international agreement. The trade of getting the ivory at source and smuggling it has turned into an illegal activity to rival the drug trade. In many countries it is ivory that funds terrorist and civil war.

Elephant numbers are under such pressure that every 15 minutes another Elephant in Africa is killed for its ivory. Very soon the damage to Elephant numbers and the social groups they live in and need to find food will be irreversible. At that point we will no longer be able to see Elephant roaming wild. Then, within a lifetime perhaps less Elephants will disappear from our zoo collections and the Elephant will have gone the same way as the Dodo, hunted to extinction.

If you can, support one of the many Elephant charities on “World Elephant Day” they all are working on our behalf to try and stop the extermination of Elephants from our world. The Elephant charity we support is The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust visit their website on “World Elephant Day” and make a donation or maybe sponsor and orphan baby Elephant.


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