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What’s in the Wood?

5 Dec , 2016  

That is was what our sky looked like the other night. As there is very little pollution here in the Highlands we get to see some very colourful sunsets. The other night it looked just like a pot of raspberry ripple ice cream.

Red sky

Red sky


The trail camera is proving very useful, we have found out which badgers come in and when and their different characteristics. Recently we moved the camera to a new position in the wood to see what else we have. We have a fox, and Roe Deer, both a buck and doe in addition to our badgers.

Choosing a position for the camera was not easy. We were thinking with a wood at our disposal, pick any tree and you’re done. Not so easy. There is never a tree in the right position. We reverted to the metal post in the ground and fitted the camera to that, voila.

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