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Where do they go?

10 Feb , 2017  

We’re talking about our Badgers.

The onset of winter has meant that the local Badger population no longer visit our garden just after dusk. We know they are still visiting because the food we leave out is disappearing each night and we have set up our trail cam at the garden feeders.

So as we can’t watch Badgers in the garden from the kitchen window we decided that winter would be a good time to try and find out what happens after they disappear into the wood. Our wood is full of small animal paths and we thought that it would be easy to catch were the Badgers go to.

That was three months ago. We have set up a trail camera in about ten different locations in the wood. Capturing everything from Roe deer, fox, cat, and mouse, lots of rodents and yes the odd Badger. And there lies the problem, we set up the camera and wait a week and look at the video and if we are lucky out of 10-15 clips we might get one or two of Badgers.

When it snowed the other week we went out and did the Sherlock Homes bit and found Badger tracks leading away from the feeders. Great, we naively thought “We know where you are going”. So we moved the trail cam to capture the action. Yes you’ve guessed it two Badgers and about twelve mice.

Maybe it’s just bad luck. Or, our Badgers have not read the books on Badger behaviour we have. Which all state that Badgers follow a set pattern when going out foraging. But we still have yet to find how our Badgers get onto our lawn and exit again.

Do you use a trail cam to capture wildlife? If you have any suggestions please add them below, we are running out of ideas.

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