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How To: Be Different

12 Apr , 2017  

If you want your images, to make a visual impact, stand out from the crowd, move your feet, try something different. You don’t have to stand in the same place as everyone else. In fact moving to a different place or position may give you a better image.

Try crouching down and taking the image from low down, or stand on a rock, but remember to keep yourself steady. The tips in our article, “How To: Avoid Camera Shake” will help.

Welcome to our “How To” blogs. In this series of short articles, we’re covering all aspects of photography. Whether you want to take better pictures using your smart phone, or digital camera or maybe you need to commission images, we will have something for you. Grab your camera and learn how to improve your image with pictures.

You don’t need a bright, cloudless, sunny day to take images outside. Too much sun makes an image boring and lifeless. A bit of cloud, moody skies all add interest to the viewer. You are trying to create an atmosphere.

Light sources can have a big impact on an image. When photographing outside try standing in a different position so that the sunlight lights your image from another angle, e.g. from the side or back. If you are taking pictures indoors rather than using artificial lighting, try using the natural light, coming through a window.

Images of food are popular, but try holding the camera at a different angle, not just the straight overhead shot. Include some of the other items on the table to add interest. Take a mouthful then take your image.

There are no right and wrongs, only guidelines to follow. Experiment with your photography. Be different, but above all, enjoy taking pictures. The joy and passion will be shown in the end result.

That’s it for this one. Short on time but want Maximum impact on social media – look out for our next blog in our “How To” series. Can’t wait that long? Our personal training covers all aspects of photography helping you make a good first impression and click here stand out from the crowd.

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