How To: Not Lose your Subject

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How To: Not Lose Your Subject

3 May , 2017  

We’ve all seen the picture of auntie on the beach. The one you said, “isn’t that a lovely picture of a beach”, only to be told it was a picture of auntie. Auntie, it turns out was the multi-coloured dot, just to the left of the big rock. The problem was, you couldn’t see auntie because she was such a small part of the picture.

Make your subject the main focus; don’t let it fade into the background. By making the person, building, animal, plant or whatever you are photographing the main focus, engages your viewer.

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Take a step closer to your subject before you press the button. With modern cameras showing us exactly what we get, we still make the mistake of not seeing what we are going to take. We concentrate so much on the subject; we don’t notice it, in the context of the whole frame.

To avoid the auntie picture, follow a couple of simple tips. Get close to your subject. Use the zoom feature on your camera, if you have one. Think about how much of the person you need in the picture, could you tell your story, with just part of the person in frame. If you want to see what your dinner looked like, don’t include half the restaurant.

Want your subject to standout? Place it in front of a dark background or against a shadow. When your subject is in the light and the background is dark, it stands out.

Move around your subject. Find a position that throws your subject forward in the frame, making the background less important. Check to see if you have something very light in the background. Is it distracting away from your subject.

Maybe you want your subject to appear in context. Someone or something sitting in a landscape, ensure you have a bit of space around your subject. The gap helps define the subject and makes it stand out.

It’s all about thinking what story do I want to tell. What do I want my viewers to see? Every image has some sort of story. As photographers we must lead our views into the story we want to tell.

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