How To: Declutter Your Images

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How To: Declutter your images

10 May , 2017  

Decluttering “remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)”

You may have decluttered your home, but you may be surprised to learn, you should declutter your images too. Decluttering your images is a lot easier than decluttering your home and requires fewer visits to the recycling centre.

Just like in our homes, clutter in an image can go un-noticed. When we’re about to take a photograph, we concentrate on the main subject and the clutter goes un-noticed. Only later, looking at the image do we start to see the clutter. Getting rid of it, takes a lot of a pro photographer’s time, both before the picture is taken or latter in Photoshop. To help you see clutter before you press the shutter, here are a few examples that may creep into your images.

Welcome to our “How To” blogs. In this series of short articles, we’re covering all aspects of photography. Whether you want to take better pictures using your smart phone, or digital camera or maybe you need to commission images, we will have something for you. Grab your camera and learn how to improve your image with pictures.


In the everyday we can learn to avoid seeing clutter; bottles of washing up liquid on the sink, the hall table gently overflowing with junk mail and car keys. Take a photograph of the interior, show it to someone, all they see is clutter. It draws their attention like a magnet. Rooms look smaller because of clutter. Make sure you have lots of empty flat surfaces. Place one small object, far away from the camera. You’re interiors will look so much better, for just a few minutes work.


This tip applies to all sorts of images even the selfie. Check what’s behind your subject. Objects growing out of peoples’ heads, embarrassing personal objects, people you’d rather not be in the picture. Lurk in the background un-seen. They all get in on the act, check what’s behind your subject.

A plain background will make your subject stand out. Too much detail in the background and your subject will have to compete for attention. Try moving; take the picture with a longer lens and a larger aperture. Move your subject further away from the distracting background. Shoot from higher up or lower down. All these techniques can help declutter a background.


You may not think it was busy, when you were there. But it’s amazing, half a dozen people standing around makes what you thought, was peaceful and idyllic, look like Piccadilly Circus at rush hour. Before you take the picture, wait a few moments. With a lot of luck the crowd will move away. Quickly grab your image, before the next crowd forms.

Clutter and distractions; are not a good things in your images. Whenever possible try and control just how much clutter you include. However; if clutter is telling your story, leave it there. If on the other hand it’s going to be a distraction, declutter.


That’s it for this one. Short on time but want Maximum impact on social media – look out for our next blog in our “How To” series. Can’t wait that long? Our personal training covers all aspects of photography helping you make a good first impression and click here stand out from the crowd


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