Great spotted woodpecker

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Voila, Woodpeckers

21 Aug , 2017  

On our last video blog we showed you how we made our photography log. A quick update; it has been very successful in getting the Woodpeckers to perch and feed.

The young Woodpeckers who regular feed on the peanut feeders, ventured on to the log. And voila, we got him feeding. Not sure if it was him or her, you can’t tell. All young Woodpeckers have red on their heads, until they mature. It’s only then that you can tell male from female.

Great spotted woodpecker

Great spotted woodpecker

Our Woodpecker only flew onto the log a couple of times. Preparation is key; we had to be ready and alert. Checking all your camera settings before you begin a photo shoot is sensible. Making small changes on the hoof is always easier when you have a start point.

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