Siberian Husky in snow


Our Week

23 Feb , 2018  

Catching up on paperwork today; and waiting for Yellow Hammers to come and have their picture taken.

After the snow comes the sun. Hurrah, snowdrops we planted are flowering. Badgers are visiting early in the evening so we can watch them. Three different badgers visited the other night; one new one and two of our regulars, Padawan and Badgeeybadge.

Flowers and badgers are playing the game at home. But on a trip out to the firth to take photographs the ducks and waders didn’t want to play and have their picture taken. We did however; see lots of Curlew, Mallards and Gadwalls to name a few.

Looking at the weather forecast, “The beast from the East” is due to arrive early next week. Cold winds and the possibility of snow are on the cards.

How has your week been?


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