Red Squirrel sitting in a Birch tree

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Red Squirrels in our wood in Aird

21 Apr , 2018  

We have just published another one of our video blogs on You Tube about the Red Squirrels that visit our woodland.

We first caught sight of a Red Squirrel in our trees about 16 months ago. After a couple of glimpses, we decided the best way to attract the squirrels, to stay for longer, was to put up specialist squirrel feeding boxes.

For many months, we had no evidence that the squirrels were using the feeders, or even coming to the wood. One day we caught sight of a squirrel on our trail camera, so we moved the feeder nearer to the location of the sighting.

After many months checking the feeders, no one was visiting them. Quite by chance, we caught sight of squirrel in a different part of the wood. Again; we moved the feeder.

This squirrel very quickly got the hang, of how to use the feeder. Then within a few days, another squirrel turned up and started using the feeder. We have now invested in more feeders and a considerably bigger supply of Hazelnuts.


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