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Kidnapped by Nature

20 Jul , 2018  

The saying goes – “time flies when you are having fun”. We have certainly being doing that. Today marks our 2nd anniversary of our big move to Highlands of Scotland.

Looking back, here’s a short passage from our blog we wrote on 19 July 2016.

We are so excited, as we now own a small bit of woodland. It’s not the rolling acres we would have bought if had we won the lottery. But it is ours and part of a much larger woodland, which supports badgers, pine martins, red squirrels and we hope a whole host of birds including owls. Our long term goal is to attract as many species to our bit of the wood and set up purpose built hides. Well that’s the plan; we will keep you posted on how we are doing, here on our blog.

If you have been reading our blogs or social media, you know all about our adventures. In case you haven’t, a quick recap on our growing band of woodland friends.

To our delight, we have three badgers visiting regularly and yes, all animals do have names, it’s just easier to identify them and talk to other people; although we do get some quizzical looks. Badgers are Badgey Badge (male) whose been coming in for 18 months now, Padwan (female) about a year, and Tiny Tufts (female), our most recent addition.

This year we’ve gone from one Red squirrel occasionally visiting to three regular visitors. Their dexterity through the trees is amazing. They had to learn how to open the hazelnuts we provide as food. It is a learnt skill not a natural one. Cleaning up after them is quite a task, but the shells do make a good mulch for the garden! OK, we have Ted (male), Rusty (male) and SJ (female). SJ featured most recently on Facebook, broadcasting live via satellite.

Over the last few months, the Pine marten is becoming a frequent visitor, even coming out in the daylight. And yes, we did manage to get a picture. So keep an eye out for its picture. Its name is – It’ll. Because we don’t know if it’s male or female, hence It’ll (it will be either a male or female).

The garden and wood now supports a variety of birds – Sparrowhawk, Woodpeckers, Yellowhammers, Wrens, Treecreepers, to name a few. Our sightings list grows by the day.

Our highlights of the summer so far, watching the badgers open a wasp’s nest, one night. And watching our two males Red Squirrels, chase each other. Then once there was a victor, wooing SJ with a courtship chase. It’s all run, run, run if you are a squirrel.

The adventure that started two years ago continues……


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