How To Avoid Camera Shake

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How To: Avoid camera shake

5 Apr , 2017  

Are your pictures out of focus? We can help. It may not be lack of focus, that’s the problem. Today’s phones and cameras are very good at focusing, it rarely goes wrong. Your problem; is more likely to be camera shake.

Everyone suffers from camera shake pro or Instagrammer alike. The good news is a few quick tips and you can reduce the number of blurred pictures you are getting.

Welcome to our “How To” blogs. In this series of short articles, we’re covering all aspects of photography. Whether you want to take better pictures using your smart phone, or digital camera or maybe you need to commission images, we will have something for you. Grab your camera and learn how to improve your image with pictures.

Hyperopia or long sightedness effects people especially as you get older. If like me, a pair of reading glasses solves the problem. When I am taking a picture on my phone I very rarely have my glasses on. This results in me holding the phone at arm’s length so I can see the screen. It’s not only me who does this just look at people using their cell phones. I can see the screen, but the camera is waving about in mid-air.

What I should do is to put my glasses on. I can then hold the camera closer, tucking my elbow in resting it on my rib cage. Put one hand under the phone as a support, use the other hand to steady the phone and press the shutter. My chances of a sharp picture have just dramatically increased.

This advice works with all types of camera as well. Put your left hand under the lens and body of the camera, palm facing up. Tuck your left elbow in and resting it on your rib cage. There are two different techniques as to what to do next it all depends if you have a screen viewfinder or optical viewfinder.

Screen viewfinder

Using your right hand take good hold on the edge of the camera. Just before you take the picture press the camera with your right hand into the palm of your left hand.

Optical viewfinder

Again get a good grip with your right hand and just before you take the picture push backward with your left hand. You literally want to push the camera into your face until it hurts a little.


Picture showing how to hold camera

How you hold your camera can reduce camera shake

No matter what type of camera phone you are using, be gentle with the shutter. A lot of people stab at it. Stabbing moves the camera and you get a shake.

Another tip is don’t hold your breath. Breath in normally, let it out, just when you would normally start breathing in again, stop. Now gently press the shutter. Remember; to only stop breathing for 8-10 seconds after that you start to shake because you are not breathing.

A few simple changes to the way you hold and fire off your camera can bring about big changes to the number of usable images you are capturing.

That’s it for this one. Short on time but want Maximum impact on social media – look out for our next blog in our “How To” series. Can’t wait that long? Our personal training  covers all aspects of photography helping you make a good first impression and click here stand out from the crowd.

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