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Killer glass

6 Jun , 2017  

Dead male Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus.

Were you expecting a lens review? If so you are you are going to be disappointed. Today we’re talking windows, particularly birds striking windows. We’ve had this problem at previous houses, were birds fly into a window with enough force to stun themselves. But our new house seems to have one window in the kitchen […]


Life in the countryside has responsibilities

30 Apr , 2017  

Tractor ploughing field

Factory, power station, housing estate, recreationally facility, storage area a great day out, our countryside has to be many things. Is modern Britain putting too much strain on our open spaces? Before industrialisation most of the population lived in the country. Towns and cities were unhealthy cramped places with no work. But the industrial revolution […]


It’s the photographer not the camera

16 Apr , 2017  

Photographer using camera

What is the difference between a great picture and an ordinary picture? Answer, the person taking it. It is certainly not the camera. Many people have said to us, “Oh, I only have a compact camera or my phone.” It doesn’t matter. The important factor is the person behind the camera. Seeing a picture, visualising […]

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A grand day out (Wallace and Gromit)

17 Feb , 2017  

Sled dog race competitor

Catch me; on the right day and I might admit, I’ve been a photographer for a good many years. Exactly how many, is a closely guarded secret. But when I started, we use to process films using Kodak E4. I suspect most of you won’t have a clue what I’m talking about try Googling Ektachrome. […]

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Cheetahs about to go extinct

30 Dec , 2016  

Cheetah standing

The Cheetah population is crashing, the species is in crisis. This statement fills us with great sadness; another iconic animal is heading to towards extinction. When we heard the news, it sent shivers down our spines. We are privileged to have spent time watching and photographing this truly wonderful big cat. We had a close […]

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Who’s been eating my peanuts?

21 Nov , 2016  

OK, I’m loose on their blog. I am their guest blogger, letting you know my thoughts and feelings on a range of topics, mostly food, but other things including what they call the Badger Cam. Well it was really cheeky, the other night. There was someone already at the peanuts. Usually I’m the first Badger […]

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Autumn is upon us once again

19 Oct , 2016  

Horse Chestnut seeds or conkers

It may have had a couple of false starts, the odd warm patch, but finally autumn is here. Woods full of colour. Autumn in a location so far removed from what we are used to, is making autumn this year, such an exciting one. We’re use to the colours of the Chilterns. Here Beech woods […]

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World Elephant day

11 Aug , 2016  

African Elephant

The glorious 12th refers to the 12th August when the grouse season opens here in the UK. Grouse for the initiated are small game birds which live on heather moorlands. But, the 12th August is also an important day worldwide as it is “World Elephant Day”. Why have a day devoted to the Elephant? One; […]

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African Adventure

16 Jun , 2016  

Spotted Hyena clan

The sound was amazing, resonating across the African plains, calling in the rest of the clan. It was a sight to see. At the end, the clan was 21 in number. A strong force to be reckoned with, but the lions were not about to lose their kill. It all began with a damp afternoon. We […]


A window on one’s soul

9 Jun , 2016  

Bracken fern

We have that innate ability to show nature in its rawest form. We can tell a story through pictures, showing the good, bad and the ugly sides of our world. Events in nature are linked to man’s own actions; perhaps we can show this and should. What is natural history Photography? An art form, a […]