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What’s in the Wood?

5 Dec , 2016  

picture of Roe Deer

That is was what our sky looked like the other night. As there is very little pollution here in the Highlands we get to see some very colourful sunsets. The other night it looked just like a pot of raspberry ripple ice cream.   The trail camera is proving very useful, we have found out […]

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Heart in mouth moment

14 Nov , 2016  

This weekend was absolutely dreadful. We had to go out Saturday morning, as we drove out of our driveway; we came across a dead Badger at the side of the main A road. Immediately you think is it one of the Badgers which visit our garden every night. On the way back we slowed down […]

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Living with Wildlife

28 Oct , 2016  

Living with wildlife all round you leads to new activities. It’s feed the birds and voles first thing. Make sure you put out badger food in the evening; enough to encourage them into the garden, but not too much to detract from their natural foraging habits. We have now identified three individual badgers, calling them […]

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World Elephant day

11 Aug , 2016  

African Elephant

The glorious 12th refers to the 12th August when the grouse season opens here in the UK. Grouse for the initiated are small game birds which live on heather moorlands. But, the 12th August is also an important day worldwide as it is “World Elephant Day”. Why have a day devoted to the Elephant? One; […]

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Is it a home or a studio

25 Jul , 2016  

It’s part house, part office, part studio, part unknown. As you will gather our move is over. Here we sit, surrounded by furniture that needs putting together. The computer thingummy you need is in a box, somewhere. Which box, or for that matter which room is it in, is a complete mystery to us both. […]

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Broadband Speeds

23 Jul , 2016  

Yes this article is all about Broadband speeds. Not perhaps an immediately obvious subject for wildlife and nature photographers to be blogging about. But if you want to be a wildlife photographer or for that matter any type of photographer, these days your life is pretty much ruled by Broadband speed. *Sigh* we remember the […]


Our Adventure begins

19 Jul , 2016  

House for sale sign

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu Our journey, of five hundred and seventy miles begins today, with our first giant step. For today, 19 July 2016 we are re-locating home and business to the Scottish highlands. Our home has been the southeast of England, both of us […]

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Pictures can help your business

24 Jun , 2016  

Picture of a Red Fox

How foxes and foxgloves can help your business. Odd statement you might say, but is it really. Foxes and Foxgloves can really help your business. Creating a relaxed and rewarding working environment boosts productivity, whether you work from home or an office. Having pictures of Foxes, Foxgloves or whatever wildlife is your favourite creates a […]

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Elephants in Crisis

21 Apr , 2016  

Elephants In Crisis

Giving talks, about a diverse range of subjects: Kenya Masai Mara, British wildlife and British Flora allows us to share our passion for all things wild. We are lucky we do something we love. We get to spend time in the countryside-watching animals seeing the seasons change. Plants appear flower and disappear. Our pictures tell […]


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12 Jan , 2016  

iPad showing iRecord apps in app store

There are many organisations dedicated to looking after our flora and fauna for the enjoyment of us all. We all enjoy wildlife and nature in some way and we are guardians of the countryside for future generations. There are many ways to help these organisations, from volunteering to collecting data about the population and health […]

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