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Gitzo Explorer GT2541EX

25 Nov , 2015  

Picture of tripod

When we had to switch to new blog software we had to lose our old content, it was the price we had to pay to be able to blog again. Well we have review what was popular on the old blog and found that our review of the Gitzo Explorer GT2541EX was a very popular […]


Adopt an orphan

23 Nov , 2015   Video

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust does some amazing work, rescuing orphan elephants from all over Kenya. Once safely in the Nairobi nursery, the work really begins. The goal of the Trust is to raise these orphans and release them back to the wild. In the case of Wendi the star of the video it has […]

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Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.3 or 6.3 now available

20 Nov , 2015  


Adobe announces the release of a new version of Lightroom. This release has a revised version of the import dialogue box which was changed in the previous version. Causing many users to complain to Adobe about the removal of featured that had been relied on for their workflow. As always, Adobe have taken the opportunity […]

Update, Wildlife

Kiko and elephant orphan Loboito

4 Nov , 2015   Video

Wildlife orphanages can make for strange bed fellows, Kiko the reticulated Giraffe and Loboito, an orphaned Elephant. If you watched This Wild Life with Saba Douglas Hamilton on the BBC you may have seen Loboito being rescued from Sambru and airlifted to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust orphanage in Nairobi. If you read our other […]

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Adobe Lightroom for Mobile

3 Nov , 2015  

Lightroom interface

When Adobe announced Lightroom for Mobile we got excited. Well perhaps excited is too strong a word, but we did think, Lightroom Mobile would be a good thing for our business. Our trips can last a week or two so it would be good to be able to do a bit of file sorting and […]


Autumn is coming to the lands of the East

30 Oct , 2015  

Autumn leaves on ground

Autumn is just about reaching us here in East Berkshire this weekend. The Maples especially in the fields near us are now in the full colours of autumn. Each year in autumn some of these forests, put on one of the greatest shows on earth. We look on, in wonder at the colour and spectacle […]


Baby giraffe is rescued

28 Oct , 2015   Video

Perhaps better known for rescuing orphan elephants, The David Sheldrick Wildlife trust orphanage is home to a menagerie of other orphans. In the case of Kiko the orphaned Giraffe, a call came from the KWS at Meru National Park to say they had found a young Giraffe without his mother. He was probably less than […]


Welcome to our new Blog

26 Oct , 2015  

Welcome to the new home for our Blogs. Launced 26 October 2015. Please check back soon for more posts in the near future.